Luigi Campi


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“…Campi’s first narrative feature, My First Kiss, introduces us to an exciting new directorial voice - and one who isn’t afraid to tell difficult, different tales.”
- PASTE Magazine

“Taking admirable chances with his first narrative feature, writer-director Luigi Campi demonstrates a sure grasp of sensory detail … it will be interesting to see how Campi’s unconventional, immersive approach evolves.”
- The Hollywood Reporter

“My First Kiss is an impressive debut film.”
- Red Carpet Report

“Luigi Campi … has a unique grasp of both the quotidian and the otherworldly – and if “My First Kiss” is any indication, Campi has a persuasive way of combining the two.”
- Los Angeles Daily News


My First Kiss and the People Involved:
Best Feature Film, Best Cinematography - Ashland Film Festival
Audience Award - New Orleans Film Festival
Honorable Mention Ultra Indie - Woodstock Film Festival
Best Feature Film - NYNL

Escape from Planet Tar:
Best Experimental Short Film - New Orleans Film Festival